Ragged Hill Dairy

Welcome to Ragged Hill Dairy Home Dairy Delivery Service

Welcome to Ragged Hill Dairy Home Dairy Delivery Service

Welcome to Ragged Hill Dairy Home Dairy Delivery ServiceWelcome to Ragged Hill Dairy Home Dairy Delivery ServiceWelcome to Ragged Hill Dairy Home Dairy Delivery Service

Towns We Serve

Local Milk Delivery: Where We Deliver

We are happy to bring our home dairy and milk delivery service to central Massachusetts. We are currently serving 11 different towns in and around the Quabbin and Central Massachusetts area. In addition, we are looking to grow the service into more towns and communities. Please see our list of towns below to see if your town is currently eligible for delivery. If it’s not, please also see below to see how we might be able to bring our local milk delivery service to you!

Current Dairy Delivery Service Towns

Our local dairy delivery service is currently available in the following towns:

  • West Brookfield
  • Brookfield
  • East Brookfield
  • North Brookfield
  • Ware
  • Hardwick
  • Barre
  • Oakham
  • Sturbridge (West of the MA Pike Only)
  • Warren
  • New Braintree

Our milk and dairy deliveries are made on different days, currently Friday through Sunday. Each town is assigned a day. After you place your first order, you will receive an email confirmation and we will tell you which day dairy delivery takes place in your town. 

Please note that within these towns listed, there are a few remote areas we are not yet able to serve. These areas are few and far between and occur only when the distance to customer ratio is too great to overcome. We are constantly working to fill in these gaps—letting us know of your interest and the interest of your neighbors is the best way to help us do that!

Town Not Listed? Tell Us About It!

Ragged Hill Dairy delivery service is still a young, but growing, business. Even if you do not see your town currently listed, in time, we would very much like to be your milkman! Delivery expansion is our goal. The best way that you can bring local milk delivery to you is to let us know of your interest! When the time comes to add towns and areas, we will be basing that decision primarily on the level of interest expressed. 

So please, don’t be shy! Drop us a line…email us…say “Hi, I’m interested!” on Facebook or MessengerContact Us here on the website. Tell us where you are and that you’d love to have fresh milk delivery and delivery of other local farm-fresh goods to your door, in your town, too. 

More Than Milk Delivery: Your Farm to Table Connection

Before you go, let us just remind you: Ragged Hill Dairy Home Delivery Service is for much more than milk

Yes, we love our milk in glass bottles and that old-time freshness and wholesomeness is the number-one reason we started this business, but we also started this service as a way to connect as many of our excellent local farms and their products with as many local consumers as possible…consumers who we know are busy people, who sometimes have a hard time getting out to these farms, markets, and local farm stands, but who would use more of these local farm goods if they could just find the time. 

In addition to milk and dairy, we are also a local meat delivery service, offering frozen locally-grown farm-fresh meat delivery. We carry many other products, too, like local fresh bread, baked goods, fresh-frozen locally-prepared meals, local cheese, produce, and more. For a complete list of all products offered, please visit the Shopping List page.

Here at Ragged Hill Dairy Delivery Service, we have established many local connections for farm-to-table and producer-to-table products. And we continue to grow! We are always interested in adding great producers of local products, so if you have a recommendation, please drop a line. If you are a local farm, grower, or producer, please get in touch, too. We’d love to talk about what you might like to add to our local delivery offerings.